Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it looks like this at my parent's house quite a bit:

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The Birds 2

first, please accept my most sincere apologies for not having my (shiny new) camera in hand when the the story I am about to tell actually happened. second, I am very happy to be working for an educational institution which shuts down on major national holidays (I had yesterday off).

as I've probably mentioned before, I have a pair of lovebirds ("lovies" as they're called in some circles), which are by nature little feathered clowns. if they will stay still for long enough, I might post a decent picture of them sometime. however, Bitty is alarmed by most anything inanimate that is brought near him, and flies away with a high-pitched call of alarm. Pip is quite the opposite. well, over the weekend I had the lovies out quite a bit to play - Bitty seems to think he is actually a help when hanging up clothes for some reason. well, Bella (the cat) decided to observe. she's learned that the birds are off limits (although she still isn't left alone with them), and after dragging a cage over on top of herself once, she doesn't bother that either. well, the birds aren't so passive. they decided to fly down to where Bella was curled up and began chewing on her. ears, whiskers, fur - it was all fair game. almost immediately Bella tried to get away from her feathered terrors, so I stepped in, but it was still quite a sight.

the lovies seemed to wonder why their "toy" had been taken away.

I also cleaned cleaned cleaned, cleared out more things I don't need, clothes I NEVER wear, etc. I'm trying to avoid a major purge cleaning, because I usually end up throwing out things that I really need to keep, and that's no good. I also needed to clear some space for the new tumbler that I ordered last week. I had been putting off making any chain (jewelry) because polishing without a tumbler is at the very least problematic, and at the worst at the cost of one's limbs (literally). seeing as I like my hands attached to my body, I needed a tumbler.

oh . . . it snowed over the weekend, only none of it stuck. however, several Georgia reservoirs are back up to normal winter levels, and some are even at regular normal levels.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

what happend?

so yesterday we got some snow. SNOW! big soft white flakes and clumps of flakes flying every which way (but mostly down), and they even stuck in a lot of places. lovely. and then it started sleeting. and then it started RAINING. so all that was left this morning was patches of slushy stuff here and there . . . *sigh* . . .

at least it's January and we have time for more. last year there wasn't ANY.

oh, and there were predictions of a warm, dry winter . . . HA!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

new year, new things

I'm beginning my second week off of sugar, and it's AWESOME. no, I'm not kidding. I've done this before, and it worked, but I stopped probably because I didn't know enough about body chemistry. or whatever. so how am I feeling? awesome! and a little wired, which I wasn't expecting. but I FEEL so much better, and my skin is loving the break because it looks amazing. it's actually not that hard, and I'm finding that I don't even WANT sugary stuff. now I might enjoy a slice of Cecilia's chocolate cake, but I don't want to waste my time on a ring-ding. no thank you.

I've been looking at tumblers lately (for jewelry polishing), and I think I'm going to order one by the end of this week. it's all part of the "get-the-business-full-time" plan. and I found a non-toxic acid pickle solution (for cleaning metal). score!

more new stuff happening, so more later . . .