Saturday, December 03, 2005

not again! (lol)

I thought this year my hands might not look like they had been through a shredder. No such luck. You see, for the last few years I had been working at a store where I handled all of the Christmas d├ęcor. Christmas wreaths and garland are hell on the hands when you’re dealing with 100s. But I’m not working there anymore, so I figured it wouldn’t be so bad. A manicure might even look ok, right? Ha! This year it was the files that did it. I’m working on this project right now that requires a lot of filing. Not paper, but smoothing the edges on pieces of silver. The pieces are small enough though that every once and a while the steel file slips and goes right across my knuckles.

Oh well, I can get away with injured hands at the holiday parties . . . I’m an artist! It's amazing what that little phrase lets us get away with when it comes to fashion. ;)