Saturday, December 03, 2005

not again! (lol)

I thought this year my hands might not look like they had been through a shredder. No such luck. You see, for the last few years I had been working at a store where I handled all of the Christmas d├ęcor. Christmas wreaths and garland are hell on the hands when you’re dealing with 100s. But I’m not working there anymore, so I figured it wouldn’t be so bad. A manicure might even look ok, right? Ha! This year it was the files that did it. I’m working on this project right now that requires a lot of filing. Not paper, but smoothing the edges on pieces of silver. The pieces are small enough though that every once and a while the steel file slips and goes right across my knuckles.

Oh well, I can get away with injured hands at the holiday parties . . . I’m an artist! It's amazing what that little phrase lets us get away with when it comes to fashion. ;)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

after the rain

This is going to be one of those thoughtful, introspective, maybe even stream of consciousness type of entries.

I love the rain, and even thunderstorms for the matter. It’s something about the ways it pushes everyone inside; how it urges you into cozy nooks, warm fires, deep porches, and favorite pages. And all the while the earth is being fed, the leaves brightened, and the paths and pavements swept clean. It’s the transition before clearing of sky that reveals all in a fresh clarity.

Some people talk about the “rain” periods of their lives as the difficult or sorrowful times in their lives. As for myself, it’s the times before the rain that are the worst. There’s the buildup, the open wounds, the weight of it all. Then comes the period where worst is removed, and areas are cleaned and cleared. What we’re met with then is a clear sky, air that fills the lungs instead of choking them, and earth that is ready to be used again.

Whatever the breaking point, I’ve found myself staring up at a clear sky once again. Only, I didn’t realize that’s what it was until after I’d spoken to an old friend. Whether he’s a muse or an oracle in my life I’m not certain, but I do know that the crossing of our paths always coincides with the writing of music. I love that the mysteries of friendships have the most wonderful and unexpected effects. It’s beautiful. I wasn’t sure that I really wanted the make the phone call. And if this was to be like any other time I’d just get his voicemail, but I took the chance. I’m glad that I did, and now I have a new song to remind me of who I was, who I am, and who I can be.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day that happens. All the while you’re waiting, hoping that what you’re dreaming of is going to happen, but still you can forget that this is temporary. It may be dangerous to live in dreams constantly, but it can be hell to live without remembering them. What I do now, what I sacrifice now is for what I know will come in its own time.

Certain people come in and out of lives reminding us of who we are and what truly brings us joy. In gentle ways our focus is redirected, our distractions forgotten. They often have no idea of their intervention. A smile, a conversation, a word, or even a memory will be the catalyst, and we are that to someone else.

Bella is sleeping in her little bed next to my Christmas tree, and I think I’ll find my way into my own.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I received an e-mail from a friend of mine today about an old friend of ours who was almost killed because of an act of pure rage. After headed home from a recording session, he was nearly beaten to death after a minor traffic accident. The other driver was arrested, and one of the reports can be found here. Johnny is one of the most skilled and gifted guitarists I know, and we hope that after this he will be able to play again. Right now, we're praying that he just pulls through. His cousin is a dear friend of mine, and was highly instrumental (no pun intended) in my start into songwriting. There was something almost magic about those guys. Johnny, Steven, and the rest of the family are all in my prayers.

Whether you were a fan of Burlap to Cashmere, Johnny, Steve, or not, please keep them all in you thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

Monday, November 14, 2005

cast of characters

sorry Jaymi, but I'm really bored and the laundry isn't done yet. Oh, and I'm putting off the crochet sample I'm supposed to have for class tomorrow. :) plus, talking (or calling anyone) is out of the question, as my voice is shredded at the moment. I hope this is only a 24hour bug.

ladies first . . . .

"Jenna" - as in Jenna Rink, Jennifer Garner's character in 13 Going On 30. Not because they look alike (well, maybe a little), but because that's pretty much who she is. Love her for it.

"Lorelai" - scary as it may be, that's what the conversations are like between me and her. Just one of the reasons we love the show. She's one of my best friends!

"Andie" - (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days) she looks more like Jennifer G. (Affleck?), but this is about characters . . . she can hang with the guys like the best of them, they all fall in love with her, she's always there for her girlfriends, and she's always having a great time.

"Gordon" - I'm naming her after my favorite character from one of my favorite movies because I have to her on this list, but I can't think of a single female character she's like. I'll see if we can think of something tomorrow.

and now for the boys . . .

"Chandler" - hey, he's admitted that he is Chandler. This explains itself on so many levels, and I've known him forever . . . .

"Joey" - ok, I havn't seen this guy in a while, but it sealed the deal when the words "how you doin'?" came out of his mouth. He even looks like him. Ten bucks says "Jenna" almost fell out of her chair reading this. ;)

"Keane" - short for Will Keane, Richard Gere's character in Autumn In New York. Smooth, charming, underneath a heart of gold, and trouble . . . . all trouble.

"Will" - except that he was straight, he was Will and I was Grace. When it dawned on both of us it was somewhat alarming. I even had the red hair! I miss him . . .

"Leopold" - if he (the actual character, not the guy) had actually stuck around anyway . . . far too handsome and proper, this guy is lovely but doesn't seem to fit . . .

so these are just a few . . . hope you enjoyed the read ;)

oh, and if anyone knows a real "Ronon", then that's a blind date you can set me up on. Or a "Major Shepard".


So should I just wear heels every day? All the times I've worn them, and never, not once, have I had and injury. However, while wearing "sneakers" I've rolled or twisted both of my ankles. Not at the same time of course, but still. What gives? Stumbed wearing heels, yes (bad sidewalks), but never an injury.

Will & Grace is on and I miss my "Will". We'd both be laughing about my sore ankle right now on his really uncomfortable (but strangely stylish) couch. **ouch**

Sunday, November 13, 2005

musically speaking

I was thinking about music again, and the things my brilliant teacher tried to impart to me while she was still alive. It seems like half of singing is finding out how certain things should feel. The way you breathe, the way a sound resonates inside, the openness of the throat, the stance, the alignment of posture. After a time, all of this becomes second nature, almost effortless. Instead of straining for a note, the feeling of that sound compensates for a bad acoustic environment. Or even a day when what you’re accustomed to hearing just isn’t the same.

Keeping in time, on tempo, in the right verse, and working the mood of the crowd is enough without worrying if you’re staying on pitch. Some of the “coolest” rock stars even figured it out. Why suffer from being hoarse and off-key, when some simple vocal training means that your gigs turn out better and you can do more of them without straining the voice? Oh, and the screams turn out louder too.

Thinking about it all makes me look forward to time for training and practice again. I know that I’m out of shape vocally when it takes longer to bounce back from all long night out or a sore throat.

Now if I could just stop pronouncing those Italian songs in French.

Friday, November 04, 2005

ooouuuuuuwwwww . . .

Who needs the gym when you have the studio to give your muscles hell? I had a thorough round with the rolling mill yesterday and my arms having been reminding me all day. Feel the burn, baby.

There's an Opening tonight for some seniors in the Fabric department tonight. There are six of them, and the show looks like it'll be really great. There's a knitted igloo for crying out loud! It'll at least be interesting.

One of the two professors of the Fabric Design department is retiring. We're really going to miss Ed, but he's been here forever and wants to spend more time with his wife. It's sad that he's leaving, but sweet that he's going to do some things that he's been putting off.

Switchfoot is playing tomorrow night at the 40watt and I'm going! As if that wasn't exciting enough, my friend Patrick is coming in from Augusta for the show as well. I haven’t seen him in ages! (years?) It's going to be a blast.

Monday, October 31, 2005


He's baaAack . . .

My ex-boyfriend has recently decided to pick up communication again. The passive-aggressive kind of course, but a form regardless. It's funny in a sad sort of way. He even thought he could lie again. Silly boy. The "female CIA" has many members and the best agents know to watch each other's backs. Try as he might, he was not successful in retrieving my number.

Is it coincidence that one of my best friends looks like Jennifer Garner? hmmmm . . . ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

small acts of kindness

Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference. Here is a way that we can help victims of rape. Another way to do what we can.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I really meant to write sooner . . . I did.

I really hate to say this, but Kyan (and whoever said it first) was right . . . a bedroom that’s a disaster is an indication that life is a disaster. Now, being an art student tends to mean that one’s living quarters will be in a state of grand chaos from time to time. Fine. But I can’t take this for extended periods of time anymore. It’s just eerie how much more smoothly things seem to go when my laundry is clean and the floor is vacuumed. It’s not that I was a slob, there was just always a lot of clutter. Just don’t look at the studio. ; )

Elizabethtown is clever, and wonderful in a not over the top sort of way. We laughed through the movie, and it wasn’t because it was crude, crass, moronic, or ridiculous. You know those moments that we’ve all had versions of at some point? The ones that you look back and laugh at? It’s full of those.

I’m still not budging on the dating issue. Life is flexible, but I need to see these commitments through as much for myself as for those people who will one day be a part of my future.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

quick note

all is well (enough), lots of new stuff (so stay tuned, so to speak), Elizabethtown is awesome, gay men keep asking me out (yeah, it's odd/funny?) . . . oh, and it's homecoming this weekend.

I'll explain everything later . . .

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

top five

Here's being honest: I'm a little spent (see entry below) and looking for ways to keep myself occupied other than TV, kleenex, or junk food. So here are some top 5 lists (if you're that bored or curious).

favorite movies that I've watched so many times I've lost track on the count:
1. High Fidelity (ha! irony, no?)
2. Under the Tuscan Sun
3. Pirates of the Caribbean
4. Serendipity
5. Hackers

cities I've been to:
1. Amsterdam
2. Washington, D.C.
3. Haarlem
4. Nashville
5. Iron Town (ok, it was a village, but being in the mountains of Jamaica was just cool)

things I value in my friends:
1. character
2. kindness
3. loyalty
4. sense of humor
5. honesty

things I find attractive in a guy (what I tend to notice physically):
1. eyes (they say alot)
2. smile
3. hair
4. hygene (I'm NOT kidding)
5. height

things that don't bother me in a guy:
1. body type (unless he's over-muscled - that's just gross)
2. hair style (as of recently that even includes dreads, oddly enough)
3. skin color
4. tatoos
5. facial hair

1. pizza (it gets its own)
2. Japanese
3. Italian
4. Mexican
5. Southern Soul

things that scare me really REALLY bad:
1. the wedding prep scenes from My Big Fat Greek Wedding (and my family isn't Greek or mostly women)
2. escalators (the ones at Hartsfield and Phillips Arena. Ruth can tell you all about it.)
3. snakes
4. heights
5. tests
Kaylee died this afternoon. I'm having a hard time talking about it right now, but I know that some of you would want to know. We're not sure how she got so sick so quickly, but she was a wonderful pet. It's hard right now.


public service note

Due to the volume of e-mails that my little brother and his friends are sending about (and to me apparently) I'm posting this link.

If it seems too good to be true . . . that's right, it probably IS. I've been sending this particular link to all the e-mails on the forwards, but posting here couldn't hurt.

AOL & Microsoft are not going to send you a check, ok? :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

it didn't rain, but we flooded

Sometime around 4:30 this morning my cat woke me up wanting who knows what. That's not unusual for her. However, in my semi-concious state I noticed that my door was closed, but the lights were on out in the hall. Slightly unusual at that hour, but whatever. Then more lights came on. Next thing I know, mother is telling me that the basement is flooded because the new water heater that was installed yesterday was defective. So we spent the next few hours downstairs moving stuff and using the shop vacs to suck water out of the basement and carpeting in the den. We got most of it up, and there's a shiny new de-humidifier sitting downstairs helping us out.

That was the monday morning adventure this week.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

It seems like I'm crying all the time now. For a while nothing made me cry, and it almost scared me. I'd want to, but it was like I was so numb that I couldn't. I had been pushing away everything that was hurting me for so long that I just couldn't express anything anymore. It was awful, and also happened to be around a couple of the most difficult, painful years I've known thus far. Anyone who met me in the year after I move back got to know me during the worst couple of years or so of my life. Only they probably didn't know that because there were things that I just couldn't talk about. The fact that some of the friends are still around says alot about who they are.

So now, I'm a basket case when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition comes on, when the girls get together like we used to, or when I admit that I'm just a little bit overwhelmed.

On the other hand, emotional releases tend to mean that I'm much more relaxed and happy the majority of the time. Which I have been. I just still have alot going on right now, and alot of things to take care of.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


"This life is not about what one can do to make his or her bank account larger, or even beating yourself over the head for having a privileged life. It is, however, about making a difference in the lives of those who do not have hope. I have been blessed with a life of abundance, and it is now my job to go out and share that abundance with those who do not have it." -Bethany Ruth Brown

So you're where you are for a reason. You shouldn't fight it, but be thankful for it, and watchful of how it can benefit others as well.

Just a thought.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

live & learn

I did it. Well, almost.

As of tomorrow (or the following day) I will have read all of the currently published Harry Potter novels. Yes, all of them. Some of my friends reading this might be ready to start lecturing about all sorts of dangers. However, having READ the books . . . the Left Behind series is more dangerous. Seriously. Sorry, hate to break it to you, but it's true. Harry has some decent morals, aside from some typical adolescent issues. But honestly, I remember youth group, and we weren't much better. Remember the giant frog and the pastor's toilet? (well, ok . . . IN) We even had the fireworks! Patrick should remember this, I think he actually did it. I distinctly remember chasing the frog around the grounds with half the team.

The whole uproar in the Christian community a while back over these books seems to be a pattern of late. Everyone gets all freaked out over a STUPID argument, gets all distracted, and goes on a witch hunt. (yes that was intentional) The point is, Tolkien and Lewis had people running around doing "magic" in their stories and no one seems to have a problem with it.

I got caught up in the whole thing as well a few years back. But then again, I was also caught up in a certain organization that was a LITTLE over the top about some things. The books are not for everyone, but they're not a threat.

Now, go be nice to your neighbor . . . NOW. :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I'm finishing up a couple of books, including one that I started to read six(?) years ago. Wow, it has been that long. oops! This one book is titled The Power of Femininity by Michelle McKinney Hammond. Some of what she's got to say is really good, some a little "?" and so forth. It goes into warnings about how women has the capacity to influence men into things that turn out really REALLY badly. She's not one of the modern feminists (i.e. all men are scum and must be crushed), but more along the lines of yes, women and men are very different, but the bot sexes have alot to bring to the table because of this. That's some of what I remember from the last time I read any of it.

Also up is Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship by Colin Duriez and The Small Rain by Madeleine L'Engle. The novel By L'Engle is the first of two books. I didn't realize this until well into the second one.

I finished Walk On: The spiritual Journey of U2 by Steve Stockman recently, and it's a great read if you're a fan.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I just stumbled across something . . . and it really makes me want to tell the jerk off. Why did I ever let him kiss me EVER? The guy is stating to all the world that there was never even anything going on.

But I saw Serenity tonight, and it was great. Well worth the wait. Borrow or rent the series (Firefly) and go see the movie. Trust me, it's well worth it, especially if you enjoy anything remotely sci-fi. Or just fiction for that matter.


I don't know what to call this one, but it's going to come out like a journal entry I suppose.

Let's start with the past week. Intense would be an appropriate descriptive. But then again, I'm sitting here typing this fighting off another migraine, so it could also be a theme. Second one in a week. The spiritual tides have become increasingly noticeable lately, which confirmed my suspicions as to why my body craved certain foods (proteins mostly) over the last week. When you go into warfare mode, it happens. It's amazing what we can go through without actually realizing what's happening. I heard this one pastor say over and over that he was one of those who believed that there wasn't one, but a thousand demons behind every bush. Well, if that's true, then
there are at least twice as many angels around. I think we're covered. Not that we should be foolish, but the outcome has already been settled. Just think of the interim as a series of tasks to be completed.

And then there's school. It's great, but more of a challenge now in different ways. As much as self-expression is harped on, one of my professors basically told me mine was wrong. "Your work is a little quiet, I want to see it louder." What? That's the point of this period in my work. The contemplative aspect, the attention to relational aspects, and how I'm interpreting them. I'm going to paraphrase another professor in "shocking is overdone." What if we're so shocked that we've forgotten how to feel? So exposed that nothing affects us anymore? If I could, I'd spend time every evening sitting on the beach with nothing but waves and wind. For now the woods are my ocean.

This weekend was wonderful, from seeing friends friday night, sleeping in saturday morning, and so much fun with more friends last night (although I may have overdone some of it). The Bearfoot Hooker shows are just so much fun. There was dancing upstairs and down. Now, it was a bit of fight to get to church this morning (headache and all), but well worth that.

Friday, September 30, 2005

get off your high horse and give us a hand

Opinions like this make me mad. Why? Because they're counter-productive in a really bad way.

Now, I havn't seen the new Amy Grant hosted show, but I have watched more than a few Extreme Makeover: Home Edition programs, and that this guy thinks that they're worthless because some companies get great rating and advertisment is so ridiculous. So what? Does it really matter when the REAL pay-off is that a little girl's future health (oops, sorry . . . LIFE!) is spared and her family is given back what they sacrificed so that she could have a shot? And what about the single parents who took in kids who had no future, but were packed into 2 bedroom houses (we're talking about 9 people here)? The ones who turned their personal tragedies into a motivation to help others?

If you're going to preach about giving privately and without fanfare, then you need to be practicing that in your own house. Christians have got to stop persecuting those who do things to help others. It makes us look the fool. So what if the motivation is a little off at first? That can change. The point is helping others, and the people EMHE picks seem to be the ones who were helping others to begin with, even when they had nothing.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

underwater basket weaving

no, I'm not kidding.

Homework/study session at Katie's and Nicole's. Bring your bathing suits, and whatever you didn't finish today in class. We also need to discuss the trip to IKEA to pick up more chocolate crisps. A's all around sounds great, so a few cases should be enough to ensure it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

pleasant distractions

Ok, so there's this grad student on campus who I met over a year ago through some friends. Good looking, very nice, but super shy around women. His friends have told me that he doesn't think the ladies find him attractive. Fast forward to today. Sitting in a spot downtown working on some things for school and he walks by . . . and I lose all mental capacity for a minute there. So it's a officially a crush now? Yes, I think so. Now if we can only get him to talk.

This is the harmless drama I don't mind dealing with. :)

Mutts & Bella

I have the kitty version of that dog. Except that she doesn't stop with people.

Monday, September 26, 2005

not so much a recap?

Well, the weekend was . . . strange. A mix of good and bad, a meltdown, followed by 24 hour bug or something that felt like my brain was going to force open my skull, and other random oddness. ugh.

However . . . the Bulldogs won, I got a sunday off on a day that I was really glad that I didn't need to leave church early, and I have a ticket for the (almost sold out) Switchfoot show at the 40watt in November. Life isn't bad.

Oh, yeah, and I have chocolate cookies . . . yay!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things That Make Me Happy Volume . . .

I'm borrowing the title from one of my favorite sites, but I doubt that they'll mind. That phrase just makes me happy (or smile).

So it's after midnight and I'm waiting for the washer to finish so I can hang some things to dry and go to bed (dryers are wonderful, but not for everything). At least the silk skirts dry quickly. Anyway, I found something the other day, something that I've been secretly searching for, for quite some time. And, thanks to Mr. Brown, I found it. I found my personal perfect biscuit recipe. Confused? Let me explain. I was raised in the south, hearing tales of country kitchens and days gone by. Of the made-from-scratch delights of the southern kitchen. I think I could count on one time how many times I saw a box of mix in the pantry. Mom taught us how to make everything (even yogurt at one point) from scratch. This being the case, I always had a little trouble getting the homemade biscuits to come out the way I envisioned them. As I would later come to learn from a wizened southerner, every cook has to have their own, somewhat unique, biscuit method. Oohhhh.

So one day, I'm watching Good Eats. Why? Because the show is great. Alton likes to explain why chemical reactions and such produce certain culinary masterpieces or disasters. That's great, because I like to know why my experiments might not rise the way I'd hoped. Anyway, he gave out a recipe for southern biscuits, and I tried it. Several batches later, and my family still loves them.

Thank you Alton Brown!

I think the laundry should be about done . . .

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

random quote of the day . . .

"I'm sorry - the way the light is hitting the Ritz Crackers right now - I wanna weep." - Prof. Mark Callahan

I could try to explain the context, but it would still be random and strange. It's amazing I that just kept a straight face. Ahh, critiques.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Oh, it's up to it again. The weather is flip-flopping back and forth heading from summer into fall. I have the mild sore throat/run-down bug thing to prove it. Or maybe from my schedule, or both? Who knows. I really wish it would rain though. Two home games in a row with no rain in between makes for some rather nasty sidewalks. Still, the sky looks amazing, and it's nice to keep the windows open in the morning. The cats love it too.

Going to find beverages before I drag myself to Jewelry . . . *where's the vitamin C?*

Thursday, September 15, 2005

poor little Daisy

The fuzzy little puffball jumped too far and cut her lip open (yes, rabbits have lips). So I'm playing overprotective mom and making sure she's as comfortable and spoiled as possible tonight. Poor little bunn. She'll be fine though.

I have some pieces in an art show going up (tomorrow?) at Lamar Dodd. The show is a collection of works by fellow students in the Jewelry & Metals department. The first of a series. Check it out if you are near the UGA School of Art (main building). There are some unusual pieces.

Gearing up for the game this weekend . . . GO DAWGS!!! ;)

Monday, September 12, 2005

First up . . . hi Patrick! Thanks for the note on that post sweetheart. That email address is probably out of date by now. ;)

hmmmm . . . monday. Well, it's been smelling like fall for at least a week or so now, which is great. I love fall!

I read an article in Relevant dealing with art and the Christian culture "ghetto". Link to it here. This is an ongoing issue. Has the Church made for itself its own little cultural ghetto? A selling point for Christian radio is that it's "safe". So what, we isolate ourselves so that no one gets in with their messy lives? People still have problems even when they're IN the Church, so that seems the old ostrich head in the sand bit. Not to mention that the vast majority of Art currently created under the term "Christian" is significantly sub-parr. Some of the music is improving, but it's coming (mostly) from Christians who don't associate themselves with CCM. A lot of people may get offended, but maybe that's what they need.

I'm still working this out in my own head, but I do believe that your craft deserves the best possible effort on your behalf. Why settle?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

a temporary home

My extended family faired this last hurricane rather well, and did not even need to evacuate as they had in the past. Today I met some who did have to flee, and are now making Athens their home for the time being. We chatted for a while, not on what is left of their home, but about life as it is now. They're welcome for as long as they need. One lady was amused to find that just as at Tulane, art supplies are cheaper at the campus bookstore.

not now . . .

why does this happen? I decide that school is important, and that I don't really have the time to date right now, and then this great guy (with a JOB, manners, and charm) is asking for my number and noting complimentary things when he enters it into his pda/Blackberry(?)/high-tech cell phone gadgety thing. I know, he let me watch while he entered it. Lord please help me. At least he doesn't live in any of the area codes that I work or live in. Now we'll just see if he calls. I'm not freaked out by him, so that's a good sign. I hope.

Oh, and my beloved Bulldogs (DAWGS) won tonight. Maybe it does go to show that if you sell your soul to the devil it does eventually come back to bite you in the ass (talking about the other team).

Friday, September 09, 2005

oh, of course . . .

hair and makeup went way too smoothly this morning. Actually, everything did up until I tried to start my car. Yes, tried. Dead battery. So, got mom to drive me over to Wally-world to get a new one after I hooked up the charger to see HOW dead the thing was. R.I.P. little battery.

Ok, so normally replacing a car battery is not too hard, and Saturns are pretty easy to do basic maintenance on. No big deal. Except that the housing/heat shield that protects the battery is about as easy to get off as an Orbit at the Tate Center stop. There's a lot of pushing, shoving, squeezing, and even yelling.

"Great, I'm gonna be covered in sweat."

"Aww. It's cold out this morning. No you won't," said my mother.

Guess who was right?

So the new battery is in, I took the morning off from class, and I'm all showered (again) and ready for work.

c'est la vie

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

it's in 401 and it's packed

Tonight was the first night of the new women's Bible study at my church. Don't worry, the men have one all their own as well. Well, they didn't put out enough chairs, and I wish I had a camera to capture the look on Miss Ellen's face. That wonderful woman was just surprised and elated all at once. Of course, one of my favorite moments would have to have been when Pastor Mel stuck his head in the door. That man looked shocked at number seated in the room. Or maybe it was that it was a room full of women but none of them were talking. This was during the "video" session, but still .

The under-thirty crowd has their own area in the back. It just kinda happened.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I want to punch Bill O'Reilly

and all of the other people who are blaming everyone else. Go out and give blood, cash, even your old suits for crying out loud!!! Do your best to help, and then maybe you'll have something to talk about.

Ok, so maybe the "punching" bit isn't very Christian of me. I'm stuck in the lab at the moment.

Seriously though, I wonder how much these people are actually physically doing to help the situation. A category 4 hit the coastline and obliterated it. Regular routes were blocked if not destroyed. People freaked out and started firing on others trying to help them. It's a nasty situation, but how does blaming everyone really help that at all? For now, the point is to do whatever you can to help.

Friday, September 02, 2005

help name the bunny

We have a new rescue bunny, but she doesn't have name yet. A couple found her (she's still a baby) on their way to the St. Mary's Emergency Room around 1am. They couldn't keep her, so I took her in. Anway, she has markings like a snowshoe hare, only a bit darker. More silver than white Very classic, very elegant.

Here's the list thus far . . .

Lady Juniper Draonfly Babbette Koko Hiers (not really, but in honor of Ruthie & Josh, I listed this one. Bunnicula is still NOT an option.)

Thursday, September 01, 2005


hi everyone . . .

One the one hand, sorry for the lack of posts. However, life is keeping me quite busy, and more than a little worn out by day's end. It's a good thing in a way. I have several thoughts I'd like to expound on, but by the time I make it home and finish up the work for the next day, in-depth blogging is about the last thing I want to do. So, everything is bustling, but should be clearing soon.

Going to give blood again tomorrow (don't worry, it's been a while since the last time). Do what you can to help out . . .

Thursday, August 18, 2005

first day

As much as I find annoying about the first day back at school (crowded buses, obnoxious freshmen, long lines everywhere . . . ) there are also things that make me happy . . .

  • This is one of the shortest class days I'll have all semester.
  • Buying school supplies.
  • Having been in a department long enough to know 90% of my classmates.
  • Catching up with said classmates and the three months worth of (let's be honest here:) gossip we've lived through since we saw each other last.
  • This is my last year as an undergrad.
  • It's one of the few times of the year that you don't have to pay for a paper, because they beg you to take a "free" one.
  • Hearing the bus driver announce that "This bus is NOT making any stops at the residence halls, including Russel or Brumby," and laughing along with the other older students and faculty also riding ORBIT . . . priceless.
  • Oh, and explaining to the new Art professor how gamedays at home actually work, why it is dangerous to work in the studio on those saturdays, and how many there actually are this year.

Monday, August 15, 2005


An influx of people is nothing new around here. It's Athens, people come and go for as many reasons as you could possibly think of and then some. Still, the number that I've come across lately is interesting for a very specific reason - they say it was God telling them to come. Some of these people are still not sure that they even like this place, but they're here anyway. It seems that the prayers prayed years ago are being answered. Not as quickly or in the way that was probably intended, but the currents are moving differently now. A steady force this time. There's a calm within the force of the movement that bears no uncertainty. I think that when what is beginning becomes apparent we will be swept along with it. I heard my father say over and over again that the evidence of a true revival is that it is obviously, unmistakably the work of God. I'm starting to believe that what I saw almost ten years ago happened that very day, and it has taken this long for us to be ready. Some of it has not happened though. In order to live without fear of demon or spirit, we must know who we truly are.

While we hope that peace will come to the land that cradled the people of our faith, such a place receives contempt for that very reason. Still, we owe our brothers and sisters our prayers and support. Whatever the outcome of human action, there was a purpose for every interaction.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

it would be so much easier

if I was much less particular about the variations in color tone. I'm serious. I've been trying to decide on a color for my new bedroom for . . . oh . . . weeks now. If one shade is too green, then the other is too grey, or too pastel. And that's before I try the sample in the various lights, which change EVERYTHING. It's fun being an artist. Now granted, I still have to strip the old wallpaper, which can't be done until saturday at least. Why can't I decide on the wall color?

At least, five months after we started demolishing the dining room and kitchen tile, the new wood floors are finally going down. Oh yeah, and I finished redoing the bathroom.

ok, enough venting, so back to obsessing over paint chips . . .

Saturday, August 13, 2005


I love Relevant. This article got me thinking about my own friendships.

At some point you see how really bad some of us are at supporting each other when things get rough. Not that make the friendships (or people) any less, but just because that's how it is. The first time or two it really hurts - BAD. But it's the whole picture you have to look at, and eventually love, because you're just as screwed up in your own endearing way. I have learned that within my circle of friends there are certain people to turn to for comfort, others for advice, and some to give me the kick in the ass that I need from time-to-time. Not that I don't keep them all informed, I just don't take it personally when they don't call back right away, or the day after.

But let me take a moment to point out that there is a difference between a friend and an acquaintance. An acquaintance would be someone you know, as in you recognize them and a couple of facts pertaining to them, but who you don't actually know. There IS a difference. Some of you in certain cities are still just figuring this out.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the places you least expect

Women's fashion magazines generally get a pretty bad rap as far as intelligent content is concerned. They’re plenty entertaining, and I've even watched guys reading them. But you just don't think of them as a place to get serious, relevant information on anything, except maybe fashion fads and makeup.

So here's the deal . . . why is it that these magazines are the ones to tell us the stories that the major news sources don't seem to have the guts to say? This month's GLAMOUR has an interesting little article on a woman who escaped (yes, ESCAPED) the CULT that is the Church of Scientology. She actually had to leave the country for a little while. Nice, isn't it? This is just a recent example though. Years ago, sometime before the whole Y2K, I read an article (in Vogue I think) about the oppression of women in Afghanistan. It explained how these women who had been doctors, professors, and teachers, were stripped of all of their rights, even healthcare, under a new regime. This was years before 9/11 happened and Americans as a whole took any notice. This is only two examples people. There's plenty more.

So what's the deal? Why don't we see more of this? I'm talking depth here, not just a summary. What gives?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

If I have one more customer walk in and try to tell me how hot it is outside . . . . I think I might lose it. :-) It's G-E-O-R-G-I-A people, AND we're coming into August in a couple of days. That's why I'm hiding in a well air-conditioned store. At any rate, like the weather always does around here, it's changing over the next couple of days.

anyway . . . I had a nice little emotional/stress meltdown last night. Too much heat, finals next week, odd schedule . . . made for good discussion with fellow Fabrics major before class this morning though. Mom, brothers, even the vending machine were all very nice to me today . . . hmmm. :)

(more thoughtful posts to come after finals work is done . . . )

Sunday, July 24, 2005

from dating to something else (& back again)

"Maybe next time I’ll think twice before picking up a book on dating. Not all advice is worth having." - Mandy Langston

The author wrote this piece in response to a book she noticed written by a Christian female artist. In short, the book's author had some logical advice, but discouraged dating anyone from a "broken home" background. Another example of safe politics in the Christian pseudo-life sphere. The thing is, even the ones from the "ideal" family situation are just as flawed, only in a different way. The flaw might even be overprotection - oblivion to how painful life can really be. But, it seems that some of the most beautiful, fascinating people and objects are the ones who come from imperfect origins, full of problems. It's like that story of the violin made from a wind-scarred mountain tree. The craftsman came across this tree way up on a mountainside. It was bent, twisted, and gnarled. Because of the torture and opposition, the wood had a unique strength. The craftsman cut the tree and made a violin from it. The sound from it was incredible. That's the gist of it anyway. The point is, perfection is an ideal. When I think about my friends, I think they're wonderful. They're all flawed, just as I am, and that's why we're crazy about each other. We get under each other's skin, we know what makes each other happy, and we've been there even when it was really inconvenient.

If you ever wondered how a surface of stone or metal comes to a high polish, it's because that surface has had layer after layer if scratches put into it. Abrasion - that's how it happens.

So maybe I got a little off-track there. If I were looking to date (I'm not at the moment), it would be someone who would fit in with my friends and family. Which, after this weekend at my grandparent's, means a southern democratic (or moderate) Arts-aware fellow who enjoys sports, debates, banter/sarcasm, and wine, beer or liquor in European moderation. That's just my dad's side. And since I have a say in something, being a Christian and guitar skills are prerequisites. Seriously . . . just ask any of my best friends.

Yikes . . .

Friday, July 22, 2005


There was a valley, a plain of battle dry and sparsely scattered with dried remnants of brush. Also scattered were soldiers. They stood far enough apart that would have to shout for another to have heard him.

Then I saw the wave.

A blanket of white-grey rolling across the valley from the mountains behind. As it drew closer I saw it was made of horses, each galloping flank to flank, and each white. The horses raced through the soldiers as if they were not there. But instead of being trampled, the men were swept onto the backs of the horses and carried with them. Still, the men seemed few, only a handful. It was later that I saw that the back of the horses were full of yet another army, this one luminous and focused. It was as though they were to begin a simple task, which they knew they would have no trouble completing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

hmmmm . . .

This could be interesting. So Al Gore (or Algore, as my father likes to say) is launching a new TV channel. That's no so interesting. What IS however, is that he's claiming that the channel won't be partisan. This is from a former vice-president. *excuse me while I laugh for a moment* I know, he's claiming to be a recovering politician. Is that to mean that politics is some sort of disease or ailment, dear? If so, then my entire extended family (father’s side) needs hospitalization . . . STAT! But really, how can it be non-partisan? Have you ever, in your life, met anyone who isn't biased to something?

What might be just as interesting is how much attention the rest of media gives this. Without some good old partisan, biased reporting banter the media would probably be either at a total loss for what to say (or do), or just extraordinarily dull. Well then, Ok boys, let the circus begin! But first a few words . . .

"I think the reality of the network will speak for itself. It's not intended to be partisan in any way," said Gore.

Uh-huh . . . riiigghhht. We'll see. We'll at least let you give it a shot.

Monday, July 18, 2005

So sometimes I think about the couple of years when I lived in Nashville, and think "that was so much fun. Why don't I want to move back." And then I run across a reminder of the things that I don't miss, like this excerpt from the blog of a couple of friends who are still there . . .

We're all full up here
Dear God, It's me Tia

I sometimes make the most inane requests of God. I wonder if he sits in heaven and gently LAUGHS at his child and all of her foolishness.

The most recent request went something like this:
God, I really don't need anymore guy friends. I'm pretty much all full up here. Yes, Tag and I had our moment but now we are permanently placed in the friend zone. I'm not complaining, really I'm not. I like it that way. But I'm going to need for him to the be the last of the guy friends. It's too hard to have them around. They're so cute and cuddly and smell nice and did I mention cute? You know how I feel about the XY individuals. And you know how much I want one of my very own (preferably the British model circa 1976 or so) But frankly, I don't need anymore of them around. So if you would please, make me invisible. Make them unaware of who I am. Let them look through me, until a later time..heretowith...or whatever.

I'm glad I'm not God because my response to me would be: RAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

I think God knows that I'm going to be in situations that require me to meet newer and more fascinating boys. Each one shinier and more glitterier (is that a word?) than the last. And he knows that I will once again be forced to not only lay down my will before him (him being God) but I will also be forced to take a good, long, hard look at who I am, what I like, what I'm capable of and what steps I need to take to keep myself from running amuck in the emotions department.

Enter Tag #2 or T2 for short
T2 is a cute little musician that I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with last night at the annual 4th of July party at Lew's. He is quite the musician (plays guitar like no ones business) and overall has a great heart. And did I mention that he is not old enough to drink yet? (Aside: What the heck is going on? Although there is no kind of anything b/w me and T2, he falls into the "where are they all coming from?" category. I am thoroughly convinced that there is a factory somewhere, maybe in Idaho, that is cranking out under 23 boys to run amuck through the streets of Nashville. And apparently at the end of the assembly line there is a picture of Toya and I with the tag line, "These women will be your sponsors. Find them, befriend them. They will feed you, love you and play in your hair." But seriously, all 3 of the Tags, Ross and Ben Convington (see the archives from last fall. November, I think) are all 23 or younger. ) Anyway, after spending yesterday evening, the early part of the morning and part of today with T2 it dawned on me that I have yet another guy friend. Immediately, I begin to whine.

GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD, why do I keep meeting these great guys that I can't have/don't want/don't need?

The simple answer was: Because....PROFOUND, huh?

It is delusional on my part to think that I won't meet anymore guys EVER until The Guy comes along. (who incidentally will be the ultimate Guy Friend and with privileges no less) To think that is to imply that every guy from here out is The Guy. And that my friend is DAN-GER-OUS. It's setting myself up for heartache, ruined friendships and awkward future run-ins.

But I can't lie. Sometimes this mess it hard. Like when one of them calls you to tell you that he misses you and can't wait to get back to see you. Or when one of them is "nice" enough to tell you that the accidental touch of your skin was "amazingly soft." Or when you reach over to open the lock after he's let you in the car and looks at your and smiles that smile that you love. It is in those moments that the battle begins. A fight to keep your thoughts, heart and emotions intact. A struggle to continue to honor him and yourself in every way, even down to the miniscule passing thought. MAN it's hard. And I am only human. And a female version at that. It is only by God's grace that I am able to remotely maintain pure thoughts and a pure life when one of them begins to do whatever it is that he is so good at doing that made me love him in the first place.

So God, if you're reading, seriously, I'm full up here. No more please. No mas. Or if you must, give me the strength to love them as I should so that I can face myself and love ME in the morning

Not that it's entirely different here mind you, seeing as Athens is a college town. It's just different. And I think she's right - there must be a factory somewhere, because they all have the same five (or so) hairstyles.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

things that make me happy . . .

Or rather, "things that made me happy today."

First, Mutts. It's just so clever in a really sweet way. We have an Earl (Blaze), and I have my own little Mooch (Bella). Thank you, Mr. Patrick McDonnell, thank you so very much!

Second, my best friend talked me into going to see Unveiled Faces tonight. The music was great, and I'm so glad I went.

Third, I have the theme figured out for the exit show . . . FINALLY. It was almost settled, but not quite. Now I have soooo many new ideas to go play with. Wheeeeeeeee! :)

Fourth . . . well, this was technically last night I guess, but I have a new theme song. "Brave" by Nichole Nordeman. If one were to take a snapshot of where I'm at right now, that's the theme song that fits at the moment.

Fifth, I found some great new patterns. Still working on that Peacock-blue flake cotton though, but now I have some ides for the pieces using the alpacca & silk blend yarns.

Oh yeah, and Suzanna and I decided to make Copper Creek our regular hangout on the weekends. Life is fun.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

life is good, so should I be concerned?

Should I be cautiously attentive? The good news is that I'm really happy with my job, school is nearing its end, and I have a growing circle of friends, and I'm generally just happy. In regards to friends, not just acquaintances, but friends who I can turn to, friends I can head downtown with after work or class, and people who have known me since high school. The thing that concerns me is getting too comfortable. Not that I should I guess, because when it was time to move up to Nashville I was rarin to go. And when I got the job offer to move back here, I moved in two days (after hanging up the phone). So I should just enjoy this, right? They say if you come back, then you stay for good. Let's hope not.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

feast or famine . . .

. . . and when it rains it POURS. (at least while there is a hurricane nearby)

now, back to the feast or famine bit. Ok, so I posted that blog the other night where I mentioned that I just have to not date for a while. Not for any angry or hurt reason, but simply because I want to be a good student (who also kicks the other's asses) and spend my limited free time with my friends. So, (of course) up pops the heads of the guys all (ok, imagine this with Joey's vocal inflections) "how you doin'?" It's freakin hilarious. Not exasperating, or annoying really, just pretty damn funny. Hey, I didn't say anything about not flirting . . . got to stay in practice.

And speaking of practice, I think I need a guitar teacher/coach. It's not that it's hard to learn, I just keep running over to the keyboard to write. I've had this Takamine for what, five years now? Jaime B. played it more than I do.

Ok, going to go check on the garden. Although from the rumblings coming from the clouds it sounds like we might get bombarded again soon. At least the drought has been over! I just hope we don't float away like part of Cobb County did.

Monday, July 11, 2005

yes, it's monday

Ok, really, I'm procrastinating because I have a test to study for. But I also have caffeine ripping through my veins, because it helps the pain reliever that I took for the headache I've had all day. I'm a little fidgety, to say the least. For those of you who haven’t heard, it's a medical fact that caffeine increases the potency of pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen. I'll add in a link later if I find one of the articles. Anyway . . . yuck. Too much salt (& MSG?) plus crazy weather equals throbbing headache in my world.

Target has the planner that I like, now that their back-to-school section is up (mostly). This comes just in the nick of time, as the one I have only goes through July. (It's one of those student deals.) That dollar section is great, and obviously strategically placed. Who am I kidding though? I'd have found it regardless. Yes, I am a Target addict.

Ran into a couple of guys I went to high school with on my way out of Target. Anyway, turns out his brother is moving back here soon. Is there a bizarre magnet hidden somewhere around here? People are getting sucked back left and right it seems.

Ok, the ibuprofen is kicking in . . . time to go study . . .

this would fall under public diary?

I remember the first time I started to fall in love with someone. Now, I won't say that I was actually in love, because it was never really mutual, and we never dated or even kissed. He was attracted to me, and I liked him, but that was about as far as it got. One of my girlfriends saw it though. "You're falling in love." And then another told me that he wasn't good enough. It was at a stop on the move up to Nashville, and I was furious. But she was right, and I got over it. I wonder sometimes if he's still trying to get a music career going.

I'm not ever sure why I'm writing this, but it feels like I need to.

I was so angry with my ex-boyfriend. The way he ended things was just so cowardly, and sudden. Now, however, I'm not angry. His best friend stopped by the other day to see me (we were friends before Mike), and apparently Mike never told him any of what happened. Any time Mike's friends would ask him about me he'd just say, "I don't know." It's so strange. And honestly, I'm glad it's over. Spending that much time with someone you're just not crazy about isn't worth it. Hey . . . you live, you learn.

And speaking of learning, I can't, CAN'T afford a serious relationship right now. Even though I love men, love kissing, love dating, I have got to focus on this show. Distractions in the way of flirts are lovely, but someone calling me wanting to take me out every other night is too much. Way too much. One of the girlfriends suggested an out-of-towner, but then how do you get to know him? I used to be able to talk on the phone for hours, but now that just drives me a little crazy. I guess I'm visual like that, go figure. Or it's just in the back of my mind that I'd rather be talking face to face, or side by side, or whatever. I wish all the girls were in the same city, although I don't think anywhere could handle it. We'd have the best bodies in town though - abs from all the laughing (yes, I've laughed so hard with them before that we were sore for DAYS), and the rest from all of the dancing and club trekking we end up doing together. After-parties, after-the-after-party house parties, and crawling into bed after sunrise. I miss that it was time with the girls though. We had such as blast being single, and our guy friends took such good care of us.

Best wishes with the relationships sweethearts . . .


Saturday, July 09, 2005

great news

Despite what happened in London, the G8 meeting in Scotland ended with some great results. It's definitly a good start, and the activists are happy so far. Let's hope that everyone follows through. Keep up the good work people!

OK, and this has nothing to do with G8 or aid to Africa, but it's hilarious . . . Etch-A-Sketch cell phones. Um, okaaayyy. One of the selling points is that now you can save the precious drawings digitally. What, did they run out of games? You don't have to shake the thing, but to get a new screen, it will shake itself. ROFL . . . ok, not really, but I still think it's funny.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Dean's List

I made Dean's List for Spring Semester!!!!!!! There had been talk of changing requirements, as in the minimum required hours being upped to 15 instead of 12, so I wasn't sure that I'd make the list. I've done the 15 all-studio hours before, and that's NOT happening again. Anyway, good reason to go out this weekend and celebrate. :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tragedy in London

I'll never EVER forget seeing them play our national anthem outside of the palace after 9/11. Pray for those who have been affected by this latest act of cowardice.

Monday, July 04, 2005

a summary of the links

Blame it on Art school critiques if you will, but I believe that it's important to know why you like something, or why you don't. Example: "Why do you not like that piece?" Because the color selection is too jarring for the idea trying to be conveyed, and the perspective is sloppy. "Why do you like that band?" Because they really crafted their songs, and the lead guitarist is an amazing musician. "Why do you hate that room?" I don't, but the over the top decor would drive me nuts. And so on, etc. etc. So with that in mind, here is why I've listed the various links that I have on this blog.

Google News - Well, they were on the template, but I noticed that they pull from various sources. I like that.

Fox, CNN, & MSNBC - I was privy to a question asked of a professor one day on campus, "what's the best source for news?" His response was "All of them. Get both sides of the story."

The ONE campaign - I wrote an entry on this one.

Relevant - Of all of the Christian culture sources that I'm aware of currently, this is the one I like the most. It has a lot of good observations on things, and most of the opinions I agree with.

World Vision International - I like what they do, and one of my best friends works for them.

The blogs - The writers/owners are friends of mine.

Elizabeth Barton - She is an amazing woman and artist. I've met her personally, and really enjoyed hearing what she had to say about her design process.

Peter Loose - Another local artist. Pete was a guest artist at this Young Artists Conference we had through my high school, and it was a great weekend. Pete also happens to be one of those (few) artist who you can have a real conversation with, without all of the B.S.

Jacob Wenzka - Gifted painter and cool friend.

Burlap to Cashmere - First, let me say that the original band, original lineup was my favorite, and that is what I will always remember as Burlap to Cashmere. It was my favorite band ever. Steve is a great friend (Johnny is just crazy), and he will always be one of my favorite songwriters. Actually, he's part of the reason I started writing songs in the first place.

Third Day - One of my top five favorite bands and inspiration for one of my favorite (personal) quotes - "There's somethin' 'bout a southern boy singin'." Atlanta boys playin southern rock . . . it just makes me happy.

Phil Keaggy - Referred to (by Eric Clapton) as the greatest living guitar player, this is an amazing musician.

Boulevard - Benji is probably the skinniest guy I've EVER met, but they're really good and they put on a great show.

Coldplay - They're not U2, but I like every album I've heard.

Jet by Day - Another great band. So good live.

W3 Schools - Everything for your "web monkey" needs. Thanks for the link, Andy!

Digs Magazine - This site is just fun, and they have a fantastic movie review database. The discussion boards are great for lurking and finding how-tos.

You Grow Girl - Tons of great stuff on gardening, from normal people with jobs and day-to-day catastrophes and such.

Get Crafty - EVERYTHING for the obsessive or occasional crafter.

Flagpole - How do you figure out who or what is playing in Athens? You grab a Flagpole or check out their site. Also, with the addition of "Grub Notes" you can get the low-down on what's old, new, about to open, or about to close in the world of Athens food.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


There was a passing of sorts, a time between here and there. She closed her eyes and remembered the smell of the place. Old tobacco and traces of beer and liquor from the night before were its perfume now. An echo from the ancient creaking stairs almost filled the deserted space. The bartender at the far end was young, maybe even just-hired. It was still too early for any of the new regulars, and the old ones were caught up in the lull of the late afternoon. That quiet before the night began, the shifting light that cast a restless calm on the street. One had to feel it to really understand. It was as if the town knew what was about to happen, but didn't want to move just yet.

They had gone, the characters of the old stories. Her writers had all left to ply their luck in sleepy towns or insomniactic cities. She smiled to herself as she remembered a favorite. Another guitar player of course, only she hadn’t known it until he was long gone. “I wonder if those shoes ever finished falling apart," she thought to herself. He was a brilliant eccentric. They'd walked the entire town one night, talking about love, life, and this strange little town. Cradles and catapults. That's what he had said about it. And then days later he was gone. Not that he was ever really hers in the first place, there was always someone else.

“Want anything?”
“A beer, something good.”
"What kind?"
"Your best."

The new bartender pulled a glass from behind the counter and walked over to the taps. She looked out the open door as he set the glass down in front of her.

“Thanks,” she said as she drank the first of the draught, “this used to be a coffee shop.”
“Must’ve been a long time ago”
She looked out towards the street again, and then answered. “Feels like it, or just something I dreamt about once.”

Friday, July 01, 2005

everyday humor

I work at this bead and jewelry store called "Margo Sterling Silver." For your reading pleasure, here is a list of questions we have been asked (sometimes more than once) that is posted in the back room . . .

Extremely Original Questions
(Intelligent as well, or
just plain irritating!)

  1. Do you sell any gold?
  2. Do you make all (ALL, what the hell??) the jewelry yourself?
  3. Are you Margo?
  4. (RE: beads) Are these key chains?
  5. Does the dollar bill come with the money clip?
  6. Do you have a gold "ankle bracelet" I can attach charms to? It's for a wedding.
  7. Are these beads granite?
  8. Do you sell chains. (They ask this right in front of the WALL full of chains.)
  9. (RE: beads) How do these work?
  10. (RE: beads) What are these for?
  11. Do you have any non-Christian crosses?
  12. Do ya'll have any grills like for your teeth? (this was a phone call from a very white, very redneck male.)
  13. Is the jewelry in the window for sale?
  14. I'm looking for a guru to instruct me in the art of healing stones. Who can you recommend? (dude, we sell BEADS!)
  15. Is this silver?
  16. Do you want some "X"? (I swear to GOD!)

-Compiled by the staff of Margo Sterling Silver

Thursday, June 30, 2005

you don't want us to learn, you want us to think exactly like you

Another professor (if you can call her that) has added to my increasing distrust of our educational system. Now don't get me wrong, I have had some amazing teachers and professors. However, my current Art History professor is NOT one of these.

To begin, why bother coming to class when the lectures are taken VERBATIM from the course textbook. Sure, she shuffles around a few terms, but it's all there in the text. She has yet to even reference anything other than "Hart." Also, anytime a question is asked regarding topics not included in the text, the answer is either "because it is," or a scolding glare. I'm sorry, but have you read anything else, woman? Apparently not.

Exam essays are another thing. She expects everyone in the class to come up with the specific thesis topic that she alone came up with. okaaayyyy. (Can we say ego-trip here? anyone?) Compare and contrast essays in Art History exams are pretty much standard, but this professor is demanding mini-me-esque thesis topics followed by "pretty much any form" of support for it. So as long as we come up with her view, nothing else matters. What happened to learning how see Art? Oh, and I must mention her rant on how we should all know how to write a thesis. There's not a freshmen in the room people, and she talks to us like 5 year olds one minute, and grad students the next. There ARE a few grad students in the class.

Also, one must beware one's questions. If she doesn't know the answer (from Hart) or she doesn't agree with the viewpoint. Duck . . . fast.

I want my tuition money back! Second to that though, would be seeing Dr. Simon kick the crap out of this woman.

At least the summer is going by quickly.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

drunk slugs

it worked!!!! The little buggers took the bait and met their demise.

This year I decided to try a veggie patch in the back yard. The tomato plans are taller than I am now, and everything else has been coming along. Except that the plants keep getting chewed up. The biggest culprits seem to have been the slug and snails, so I tried an old gardening trick - set out a shallow pan of beer overnight. The beer attracts the snails and slugs; they get drunk(?), and drown. The first round died on Blue Moon, but the next group will not be so lucky.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

helping out

The ONE Campaign, this may not be the latest thing as far as news, but it's important.

It's really great to see celebrities get out there and use the spotlight for something other than their exploits. I mean, who ever thought we would see Bono, Brad Pitt, and Michael W. Smith all promoting the same thing together? (not me) Sixteen dollars to send a child in Africa to school for a year, and that's including the books and uniforms. That's less than a cd in most stores - I should know, as I've bought enough. What we're talking aout here isn't just a handout, either. If the kids get educated, then they have a chance to turn their countries around, and the loans given to families have already yeilded amazing results in the communities. Simple medicines will save countless lives, and the AIDS medications given to the kids in South Africa are already given them a chance.

Some Americans are still going to rant about how we have problems here too. We do, and I'm not going to try to convince anyone otherwise. HOWEVER, if you're objecting, what have you done WHERE YOU ARE AT? When was the last time you volunteered with some kids, or donated some time? well . . . ?

At least go check out the petition, and see what it's about. You might even want to sign it.

reflections on nocturnal blogging

There's a novel written by Madeleine L'Engle in which Katherine, her main character, explains herself as a woman, and therefore irrational, but also an artist, so therefore doubly irrational. When I find the page, I'll quote it exactly. Looking over the entry that I wrote last night reminded me of the excerpt.

I'll leave it up for now.

entry one

Have you ever felt like you woke up from a really bad dream that happened to be your life? You look back and wonder what happened, who that person was? It's happened to me before, and it happened again. Not that the past year wasn't amazing, but it was also strange, and I can't help but feel that I just wasn't myself for a good portion of it. I guess that's what happens when you forget who you are. Looking back, I was a little obsessive, compulsive, and maybe manic at times. I got too caught up in some things, and not enough in others. BUT, you can't change the past.

So what am I going to do about this?

For starters, it's back to what I care about, and forward to who, what, and where I want to be. So if you're curious, you might find out some things you didn't know. I can't make any promises, but hopefully there will be some fun. And stories - lots of stories.