Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm looking at the calendar on my desk and realizing that tomorrow is the first day of summer (and the longest day of the year). it's also sixteen days until my little brother's wedding (Sam, not David), and so we're probably about to get slammed. starting monday, we have David's birthday, mom's birthday, July 4th, my birthday, and then the wedding. oh, and a trip down to Ft. Walton for my great-aunt's memorial service. can we say "whirlwind"? :-) it'll be great though, and the water down at Ft. Walton beach was beautiful last year when we were there. I might even be coming back with a little friend for Bitty . . . maybe.

I am sooooo thankful for my gym membership right now. there's the part about feeling great, which is awesome. however, it's that I don't have to work out in THE GEORGIA HEAT that is fabulous right now. while it has been unusually dry lately, it's still too hot to be doing the 7-8 miles that I've been doing almost every day after work OUTSIDE.

Monday, June 11, 2007

bring in the soap!

I'm on my second Gerbera daisy this year at work. the first one fell prey to aphids, and I'm seeing spots again on the new one as well. I'm going to try the insecticidal soap, but the poor little plant is NOT looking happy. now the orchids in my bedroom are thriving, and some are even putting out new shoots. however, I have reservations about bringing any into the office - the air tends to be pretty dry.

the new Transformers movie looks like it could be a pretty decent summer flick. fine. cool. I might have gone to see it anyway. but now I know that MUTE MATH recorded the theme, I'm definitely going to have to see it. why? this particular band ups the geek-chic exponentially. because out of all the concerts I have EVER been to, they do the best. but hey, when the drummer is amazing AND he has to gaffer-tape his headphones on . . . really, go see them live. anyway, the movie might end up being overdone and annoying, but let's hope not. I plan on seeing it. maybe not opening weekend though . . . and I still find it interesting that this band hails from New Orleans.

Monday, June 04, 2007

last week was NUTS, so it's taken a minute to slow down and write . . . .

POTC 3 was awesome . . . and every other woman I spoken to about it agrees that Orlando at the end was something else. in the best possible way. and if I can find a screencap or still or whatnot I will be posting it.

while Athens will always be my birth-home, Nashville/Franklin is my heart-home. which doesn't even make sense to me all the time (no beach, colder winter than here, no local UK accents . . . ), it is. and I miss it dearly.

I have lost ten, TEN pounds . . . and not by any crazy, shock-your-system, crazy-fad diets. cardio, weights, less sugar and lots of water.

now I have to find something to wear to my little brother's wedding . . .