Tuesday, July 24, 2007

it is day two on my lovely new job. yes, lovely. I'm working on campus at UGA, and there's still several weeks to settle in before the students descend in the campus and everyone gets a little crazy and stressed for a few weeks. seriously though, this is great! I can go for a walk around campus if I need it, Downtown is right there (I'm in Brooks Hall), but far enough away that I don't have to smell it (on the bad days) if I don't want to. lovely. the ladies in the office are wonderful, to the point, and easy to get along with as long as the work gets done.

I saw Transformers & Harry Potter 5 recently, and both were awesome. Transformers was better than I expected, and I really want to go see it again while it's in the theater. HP5 was really well adapted from the book.

Monday, July 09, 2007

well, I thought I was tired yesterday, but it seems that was nothing compared to today. why is that? well there was a wedding on saturday. my baby brother is a married man now, and on his way to Hawaii with his new bride as I'm writing this. well . . . I think. I don't know what time their flight was supposed to leave today.

yesterday, after stumbling into church, I suddenly realized how exhausted I actually was. maybe it was divine providence that the service ran a bit shorter than usual. then it was off to a restaurant (none of the family really felt like cooking), and home for a nap . . . followed by four loads of laundry!!! it was a loooooonnnnggggg weekend.