Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

monday morning update

Bella keeps getting hassled by the bunnies (and then I go writing about it on the web). one morning she even got karate kicked by Sable. Sable was doing one of the happy jump/kick/twist moves that rabbits do when they're running around enjoying themselves, and kitty got kicked. it was hilarious.

the babies started opening their eyes saturday morning. they still sleep all the time, but they're starting to explore a little. it's cute how they lurch forward on their little wobbly legs. pretty soon they'll be all over the place. I'll take some new pictures soon and post them.

right now I think I have a cold.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


according to the calendar that I keep at my desk at work, today is the first day of Spring. I'm in the South, so we already knew that - there are lavender-pink blossoms all over the peach trees over at Hot Thomas, and little green buds are popping out all over the place. the really cool thing though is what happens after the leaves come out. everything is fresh, and green, and lovely . . . and then it explodes. like someone reached over and amped up the volume on all of the green. you really have to see it to understand.

lots of the rescued bunnies have found new homes. however . . . one had babies. they're a week old today, so here are some pics:

day 1
day 5

Thursday, March 06, 2008

stuck on my playlist

I checked out this artist named Brandon Young who happens to be on (dozens??) of my friend's "friend" lists on MySpace. well I thought his songs were pretty good and now I'm listening to them over and over and over.

check him out . . .

Monday, March 03, 2008

safe and sound

this weekend we rescued twenty-five rabbits. TWENTY-FIVE! four are in their new homes, and other people are helping us find new, permanent homes. this one is peering out of his old cage:

some of the rabbits are ready to go to new homes now, but some are in need of a little tlc, and maybe even a nursery. in a month we'll know for sure if any of the does are going to have a litter. for the most part though, the rabbits are very healthy. only two of them I'm concerned about, so they'll stay with me until they've recuperated. overall they're also much sweeter than I was afraid they'd be - just a little on the shy side for now.

we're looking for good homes, and I'm working on what questions I'll be asking for the screening process. the big thing with that is, we want people who will actually commit to taking care of the rabbits. I also want to make sure the rabbit is a good match. "Bear" is one of the larger rabbits, so he needs more space than one of the smaller Rex rabbits. so far two of the local papers are going to run ads, so hopefully more of the rabbits will have new homes soon.