Friday, September 04, 2009

this is how it's done . . . .

so how does one go from well over the 200 lb mark all the way down to "these new 14s are getting really loose"? I got a dog. not a little purse pooch who gets tired after a lap around the block mind you. oh no - I got a lab "mix" (mix as in I have no idea what the rest is, but it is by no means on the small side). his name is Jasper and he weighed in at just over 50lbs at the beginning of July when he was about 7 months old. Jasper and I get up pretty much every morning before 6am (or just after 5 like this morning - thanks, inkspot) and go do laps around the half mile loop that is my street. it's awesome. I am still slightly amazed that this natural night-owl is getting up before the sun even comes up, but if I didn't then my dog would be driving me insane. insane isn't such a good look, so I'll pass on that. come cooler weather the morning walks might shorten drastically and be replaced by afternoon/evening walks, but lately it's been too ridiculously hot for walks when the sun is out.

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