Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am over 2009. it was great in it's own way, but that was a rough year overall and I'm moving on. I'm also hauling out the old and encumbering . . . in case you wondered what the title was all about.

it's nice to wake up early in the new year (not in the morning per se, but in the calendar sense) and realize that you've honestly actually gotten over some pretty significant things. things like ex boyfriends or how you react when you see people you went to high school with or just a lot of old junk. you look at pictures someone took the night before and realize that the smile on your face wasn't faked or forced this time. it just feels good.

I'm working on a big trim-down of stuff. actually physical possessions for the most part. accumulation that I don't need. not an easy thing to do when you're an artist or craftsperson, but it's coming along. I sat down and took a good look a where I was spending the most time creatively, what I wanted to actually be spending more time on creatively as well, and have started trimming down the rest. knitting used to be a hobby, but now I seem to be making some money at it as a designer and instructor so it's getting the limelight. music I can't imagine not having as a part of my life, so it's getting more focus than it had been getting.

I've also been changing my eating habits. omnivore is the best term if you want to stick a label somewhere, but as I do more research and try things out on myself I'm finding that "organic" is the way I'm wanting to go. and don't get me wrong - I love a good steak, but I'd rather my steak have come from a healthy cow who got to eat what it was supposed to eat - things like grass. interesting tidbit - those bacteria problems could be cleared up if the cows got to go feed out in a pasture for a week or so. eating, you know, grass. just a thought. think about it though (and I have no hard evidence on this exactly, just my own logic) the hormones and various other chemicals that are produced by the body when you are sad, or sick, or just unwell are in your whole body, right? why take in that from something else? and sure, it costs a little more up front, but I find I get full a whole lot faster when I'm eating whole or "organic" foods. meaning I eat much less, and feel better. that works out for me. oh and tastes really good.

so that's some of what I've got going. for now though the pup needs some attention and I have some dinner to decide on.

happy 2010!