Wednesday, November 30, 2005

after the rain

This is going to be one of those thoughtful, introspective, maybe even stream of consciousness type of entries.

I love the rain, and even thunderstorms for the matter. It’s something about the ways it pushes everyone inside; how it urges you into cozy nooks, warm fires, deep porches, and favorite pages. And all the while the earth is being fed, the leaves brightened, and the paths and pavements swept clean. It’s the transition before clearing of sky that reveals all in a fresh clarity.

Some people talk about the “rain” periods of their lives as the difficult or sorrowful times in their lives. As for myself, it’s the times before the rain that are the worst. There’s the buildup, the open wounds, the weight of it all. Then comes the period where worst is removed, and areas are cleaned and cleared. What we’re met with then is a clear sky, air that fills the lungs instead of choking them, and earth that is ready to be used again.

Whatever the breaking point, I’ve found myself staring up at a clear sky once again. Only, I didn’t realize that’s what it was until after I’d spoken to an old friend. Whether he’s a muse or an oracle in my life I’m not certain, but I do know that the crossing of our paths always coincides with the writing of music. I love that the mysteries of friendships have the most wonderful and unexpected effects. It’s beautiful. I wasn’t sure that I really wanted the make the phone call. And if this was to be like any other time I’d just get his voicemail, but I took the chance. I’m glad that I did, and now I have a new song to remind me of who I was, who I am, and who I can be.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day that happens. All the while you’re waiting, hoping that what you’re dreaming of is going to happen, but still you can forget that this is temporary. It may be dangerous to live in dreams constantly, but it can be hell to live without remembering them. What I do now, what I sacrifice now is for what I know will come in its own time.

Certain people come in and out of lives reminding us of who we are and what truly brings us joy. In gentle ways our focus is redirected, our distractions forgotten. They often have no idea of their intervention. A smile, a conversation, a word, or even a memory will be the catalyst, and we are that to someone else.

Bella is sleeping in her little bed next to my Christmas tree, and I think I’ll find my way into my own.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I received an e-mail from a friend of mine today about an old friend of ours who was almost killed because of an act of pure rage. After headed home from a recording session, he was nearly beaten to death after a minor traffic accident. The other driver was arrested, and one of the reports can be found here. Johnny is one of the most skilled and gifted guitarists I know, and we hope that after this he will be able to play again. Right now, we're praying that he just pulls through. His cousin is a dear friend of mine, and was highly instrumental (no pun intended) in my start into songwriting. There was something almost magic about those guys. Johnny, Steven, and the rest of the family are all in my prayers.

Whether you were a fan of Burlap to Cashmere, Johnny, Steve, or not, please keep them all in you thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

Monday, November 14, 2005

cast of characters

sorry Jaymi, but I'm really bored and the laundry isn't done yet. Oh, and I'm putting off the crochet sample I'm supposed to have for class tomorrow. :) plus, talking (or calling anyone) is out of the question, as my voice is shredded at the moment. I hope this is only a 24hour bug.

ladies first . . . .

"Jenna" - as in Jenna Rink, Jennifer Garner's character in 13 Going On 30. Not because they look alike (well, maybe a little), but because that's pretty much who she is. Love her for it.

"Lorelai" - scary as it may be, that's what the conversations are like between me and her. Just one of the reasons we love the show. She's one of my best friends!

"Andie" - (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days) she looks more like Jennifer G. (Affleck?), but this is about characters . . . she can hang with the guys like the best of them, they all fall in love with her, she's always there for her girlfriends, and she's always having a great time.

"Gordon" - I'm naming her after my favorite character from one of my favorite movies because I have to her on this list, but I can't think of a single female character she's like. I'll see if we can think of something tomorrow.

and now for the boys . . .

"Chandler" - hey, he's admitted that he is Chandler. This explains itself on so many levels, and I've known him forever . . . .

"Joey" - ok, I havn't seen this guy in a while, but it sealed the deal when the words "how you doin'?" came out of his mouth. He even looks like him. Ten bucks says "Jenna" almost fell out of her chair reading this. ;)

"Keane" - short for Will Keane, Richard Gere's character in Autumn In New York. Smooth, charming, underneath a heart of gold, and trouble . . . . all trouble.

"Will" - except that he was straight, he was Will and I was Grace. When it dawned on both of us it was somewhat alarming. I even had the red hair! I miss him . . .

"Leopold" - if he (the actual character, not the guy) had actually stuck around anyway . . . far too handsome and proper, this guy is lovely but doesn't seem to fit . . .

so these are just a few . . . hope you enjoyed the read ;)

oh, and if anyone knows a real "Ronon", then that's a blind date you can set me up on. Or a "Major Shepard".


So should I just wear heels every day? All the times I've worn them, and never, not once, have I had and injury. However, while wearing "sneakers" I've rolled or twisted both of my ankles. Not at the same time of course, but still. What gives? Stumbed wearing heels, yes (bad sidewalks), but never an injury.

Will & Grace is on and I miss my "Will". We'd both be laughing about my sore ankle right now on his really uncomfortable (but strangely stylish) couch. **ouch**

Sunday, November 13, 2005

musically speaking

I was thinking about music again, and the things my brilliant teacher tried to impart to me while she was still alive. It seems like half of singing is finding out how certain things should feel. The way you breathe, the way a sound resonates inside, the openness of the throat, the stance, the alignment of posture. After a time, all of this becomes second nature, almost effortless. Instead of straining for a note, the feeling of that sound compensates for a bad acoustic environment. Or even a day when what you’re accustomed to hearing just isn’t the same.

Keeping in time, on tempo, in the right verse, and working the mood of the crowd is enough without worrying if you’re staying on pitch. Some of the “coolest” rock stars even figured it out. Why suffer from being hoarse and off-key, when some simple vocal training means that your gigs turn out better and you can do more of them without straining the voice? Oh, and the screams turn out louder too.

Thinking about it all makes me look forward to time for training and practice again. I know that I’m out of shape vocally when it takes longer to bounce back from all long night out or a sore throat.

Now if I could just stop pronouncing those Italian songs in French.

Friday, November 04, 2005

ooouuuuuuwwwww . . .

Who needs the gym when you have the studio to give your muscles hell? I had a thorough round with the rolling mill yesterday and my arms having been reminding me all day. Feel the burn, baby.

There's an Opening tonight for some seniors in the Fabric department tonight. There are six of them, and the show looks like it'll be really great. There's a knitted igloo for crying out loud! It'll at least be interesting.

One of the two professors of the Fabric Design department is retiring. We're really going to miss Ed, but he's been here forever and wants to spend more time with his wife. It's sad that he's leaving, but sweet that he's going to do some things that he's been putting off.

Switchfoot is playing tomorrow night at the 40watt and I'm going! As if that wasn't exciting enough, my friend Patrick is coming in from Augusta for the show as well. I haven’t seen him in ages! (years?) It's going to be a blast.